Digital Gaffiot

This project aims at providing TEI-compliant XML and other format (HTML etc) files of "Gaffiot, Dictionnaire Latin Français (1934)". TEI-compliant XML format is used at Perseus Digital Library.

I hope this project is useful for you.


Text is mechanically roughly checked, but NOT checked by human eyes.


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These pages are too long. You can download whole files at (approx. 33MB. with 949 JPEG files)

A-E have texts, but only figures in F-Z.

Change History

I hope to complete making draft text in a few years. After it, I will proofread whole text...

Errata of the original Gaffiot dictionary

I found so many typos in the original Gaffiot dictionary. Especially, there are 68 times æ->œ typos (ex. "sententiæ" -> "sententiœ", "āchĕta, æ" -> "āchĕta, œ" etc.) in the whole of section A. Please see Errata page. These typos are already corrected in my digital text.

These typos exist in édition no 39 (published in 1985?) or later. There are NOT æ->œ typos in édition no 36 (published in 1981?) or older version (published in 1970's?). Check your edition at the last page (i.e. abbréviations page, p.1720).

But I think there are still many OCR errors more than original Gaffiot typos.


Whole HTML & JPEG files

Draft XML file

Latin morphologic data

I created Latin morphologic data (1.3M entries, 4 times larger than Perseus) to check Latin words, which were created from Whitaker's WORD data by my program.

I have released free Latin dictionaries (ELD, Lewis & Short, Georges, Du Cange. In fact, Greek, Sanskrit, Bible, Shakespeare etc. also...) with morphologic headwords, which work on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Linux. If you have EPWING (popular electric-dictionary format in Japan) reader (such as EBWin/EBMac/EBPocket etc), you can use these dictionaries. Sorry to say, EPWING and its applications are released at Japanese web pages.

Project home (only Japanese available), Screenshots: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

Comments, Requests, Errata, etc

If you find errors or something, please send a message (create a topic) to the Open Discussion page.

I know there are still many typos (OCR errors). I will check and correct them using my programs (or by my eyes?).

Important Notice: In fact, I cannot read/write French! I prefer English or Japanese. I use Google translator to read foreign languages or ask friends.


I thank Prof. Ogurisu Hitoshi very much, I could start this project because he has released all data as public domain. You can see all pages at here.

I thank Mr. William Whitaker (archive site) very much. I made full morphological Latin words data, and use it to check Latin spelling.

I thank Perseus Digital Library very much, the giant of digitalized Classics.

Another works by others

This Wikisource site also has Gaffiot text. It had not progressed since 2009, but a man restarted on 2013!!! See the forum comments.

If you find another works more, PLEASE send a message to the Open Discussion page.


This work is released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0, Public Domain). You can use these files for anything you want.

(C) 2011-2014, Katsuhiko OHKUBO.